Welcome To Southland Landscape Construction

If you want to give your home a new makeover and remodel your outdoor living area into something of quality, beauty, and elegance. Then Southland Landscape Construction Inc. has got you covered!

With over 30 years of experience, We've completed over 4,000 top of the line projects all over the

Orange County, California area! 

We've established our work and reputation of Southland LC quality service in virtually every city including currently new developing neighborhoods in Orange County, CA area.

Locations such as: Tustin Ranch, Tustin by The District, Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, Altair in Irvine, Pelican Hill, Coto De Caza, San Juan Capistrano, Talega in San Clemente, Yorda Linda, Newport Back Bay, and Huntington Beach just to name a few cities and communites. Our work and credibility speaks for itself! Our bread and butter is in external hardscaping and landscaping, and we are virtually qualified in all external and internal home improvements services. 

                                     Our line of work for your front yard and backyard remodeling needs include:

                                                                             landscape/landscaping design                      

                                                                                hardscapes and softscapes                                 


                                                                             new walkways and driveways     

                                                             brand new patios and barbeque set installations       

                                                                               tile work of quality expertise                                     

                                      new planter sets, trees, and flower beds installations and removal of any size                                                                                                           landscaping and gardening maintenance              

                                                                                         retaining walls                            

                                                                       side wall refurnishing wood or brick     

                                                        grass work as well as turf and green puttie installation    

                                             irrigation/sprinkler/drip/pipe systems maintenance and installation      

And every step of the process is assisted and designed by our award winning project managers for your convenience! and Estimates/Proposals are free of charge!  

We'll make your dream homes come to life and make it the way you always envisioned it!

If you need an indoor/internal home improvement project to be completed like room or kitchen remodeling? We also got you covered! And you will love our finished service and product when it's all said and done, I guarantee it!

Contact our landscape construction design team to create a look that combines the perfect balance of landscaping and hardscaping features. We also love installing Pergolas, Gazebos, stone walkways, custom made fountains, and fire pits to create your ideal landscape and dream home.

Let us turn your property into something of elegance by combining the beauty of nature and your property into a living space you will always love and appreciate to come home to. Get in touch with our landscaping company to arrange your home remodeling, hardscape installation, pool installation/restoration or landscaping service needs today!


Southland Landscape Construction provides landscaping and home remodeling services in the Tustin, CA and the Orange County Area. You should hire us because:

Over 3 Decades of Landscaping and Construction Experience

We Design Landscapes and Outdoor Living Areas

We Remodel Rooms of all Kinds

We Offer Free Estimates

Providing Service in the Tustin, Irvine, and South County Areas